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Some of the most important legal stories are never told.  Mainstream media can only cover so many topics and many are politically related. We are looking for the REAL STORIES and the IMPORTANT LEGAL ISSUES.  If you have an important legal case you would like to have us consider following (whether the case has been filed or not) contact Attorney Steve® at (877) 276-5084

Attorney Steve® Bio

Steve Vondran, Esq. is a civil litigation attorney with offices in San Diego, Phoenix, Newport Beach, Santa Monica and San Francisco.  "Attorney Steve" has been resolving legal problems and litigating in state and federal courts since 2004.  He was a leader in fighting the banks and loan servicers during the mortgage meltdown.  He has appeared on Fox News 3 times.

Intellectual Property Law

Attorney Steve News is an independent venture from our Intellectual Property Law Firm.  Our news initiative derived from our growing youtube channel (now over 15k subscribers and approaching 2 million video views).  The demand for legal news is growing.  Contact us to discuss any cases you think are worthy and in need of coverage.  Sorry, we cannot review all cases.

Projects we are interested in

Legal Cases involving Sports and Entertainment figures

We are interested in legal issues involving athletes, entertainers particularly if it deals with free speech, right of publicity, athlete rights issues, copyright infringement cases involving music or films, social media disputes and other cases of interest 

Cases involving politicians and other public figures

We will also review court and legal cases involving politicians (either side of the either) we have no plans to be political but rather to report on interesting legal political news.

Current Events

Finally, we will review any news cases involving current events, criminal court appeals, verdicts of interest, etc.  We will venture to get cameras in the Courtroom when we can.

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We  believe that a legal news media organization with a great team can make an impact on the world. Take the first step: Contact us, and together, we may be able to help you get your message to the world.


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